Five questions for IAA visitor Berit Eitel

Berit Eitel from Karlsruhe visited the IAA Cars 2017 during its opening days. Here she reports on her experience and why she is returning to Frankfurt next week.

What was your reason for visiting the IAA 2017?

To be honest, I hadn’t actually marked the IAA Cars in my diary as a firm date. Friends of mine who work for some of the exhibitors here in stand construction and technology said how great the program was. So I decided to come here on the spur of the moment. I also have a professional interest in sustainable powertrains and fuels. And in those fields, the various manufacturers and suppliers have quite a lot on display here.

What were your personal highlights at the IAA?

Definitely Mercedes-Benz’ opening show in the Festhalle. They had an impressive choreography of light and sound effects. Especially after Dieter Zetsche’s announcement, when the Mercedes-AMG Project One rolled onto the stage with fantastic sound. And then Lewis Hamilton climbed out of the vehicle – of course that was a “wow” moment for a Formula 1 fan like me. Other highlights, but much more down-to-earth ones for every day, were the BMW Mini Electric in Hall 11 and the electrified Smart fleet in front of the Festhalle.



Which stand is your favorite?

I have spent many years working in event technology for musicians on tour and I can only say that what Mercedes-Benz and BMW are presenting in Hall 11 is real art. For example, I know what the Festhalle is like when it’s empty, but now IAA visitors enter a breath-taking three-story cathedral.

Which things did you not manage to see?

I definitely still want to take a ride around the off-road circuit on F10. And I just didn’t have enough time to visit Hall 8, where manufacturers like Opel, Hyundai, Toyota, Renault and Citroen have their displays. So I want to come back to Frankfurt in the second week of the IAA.

What have you always wanted to ask the auto industry about the future of mobility?

Well that’s tricky, because I can think of quite a few questions. Incredible amounts of resources are consumed in vehicle manufacture. What will the industry do in the future to have even less impact on our environment? What recycling strategies are the carmakers following? Maybe I will find some initial answers to these questions during my second look around the IAA.  

Berit has published an interesting report about her visit to the IAA on her blog: